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The universal wireless Bluetooth to FM and direct connect in-car audio solution for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, iPad Mini and Android mobile devices.


Tunelink is the most advanced in-car audio interface that provides a wireless Bluetooth audio link between your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini & Android mobile device and your vehicle’s sound system. TuneLink is universal, operating over FM or direct connect to your auxiliary (AUX) input.


Appcessory control
Configure and control your TuneLink through our slick and easy to use free TuneLink application


Automatic Reconnect
Climb in, start your car, Tunelink finds your devices, reconnects, and starts your music playing automatically.


TuneLink Share Modes
keep your TuneLink private or allow it to be shared in one of three modes including TUNELINK SHARE where tunes are successively played from each paired player.


FM Transmitter Control
Set the frequency of the FM transmitter using a large format dial control.


Let TuneLink use your GPS location to suggest the best open FM channels to use with just two taps.


Fast USB charger
Charge your iPad, iPhone, or iPod using the included charge/sync cable at up to 2.1 Amps.


New Potato’s innovative and exclusive ground loop noise elimination technology kills the noise and interference experienced with other charge and direct connect solutions.



  • Limit Distracted Driving
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • FM Transmitter Control
  • Create On-The-Go Playlist
  • Name Your TuneLink




  • Height: 178 cm
  • Width: 126 cm
  • Depth: 38 cm


manufacturer information

  • Part Number: 1201-TLAUV1
  • UPC or EAN No.: 815166010110



  • Two-year limited



system requirements

  • Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini
    • OS 4.0 or higher
    • OS 4.1 or higher for the most advanced TuneLink Share mode


  • Android based mobile device.
  • Vehicle with 12V accessory outlet
  • car audio system with auxiliary line input
  • FM receiver





TuneLink Auto hardware accessory is the ultimate wireless Bluetooth ®-based in-car audio solution for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It’s the most advanced in-car audio and charging solution ever delivered to the marketplace. In addition to its multifunctional features that include a stereo wireless audio link, an direct connect output, integrated FM transmitter and high speed charger, TuneLink can be actively shared among multiple mobile devices. This allows mutliple devices to be linked through your car’s entertainment system for an unparalleled audio experience.
TuneLink offers quick and easy “plug it, pair it, play it, share it” set up. Connect the TuneLink Auto Hardware Accessory to the 12-volt accessory outlet in your car, enable Bluetooth and select “TuneLink” from the list of devices in your general device settings, and choose either the direct connect or FM transmitter option to start experiencing your music through your car speakers.
You will need the TuneLink app to select an open FM station for the FM transmitter option. The TuneLink app offers convent music and FM transmitter controls, but once TuneLink is plugged in and paired with a device, users have the flexibility to play their music from within the TuneLink app or from the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad native music player. You can also listen to internet radio stations such as Pandora, Spotify, We7, Slacker, Youtube, Accuradio, Iheart, Groveshark, Shoutcast, Radiorage.
TuneLink will pair with any device that supports the A2DP Bluetooth stereo audio standard including Blackberry, Android, or other capable mobile devices. Some product features require the application for complete function, but we have found that Android will play through TuneLink and charge from Tunelink without problems.
In the TuneLink app, select the music note icon. On the next screen, you can view your music and add a playlist based on song title, playlist name, artist name or album. You can also select “More” to select and add audiobooks, compilations, composers, genres, or podcasts. Select the plus symbol next to the item or items that you want to add to your TuneLink playlist. You can also choose to add all the items in a category you your playlist (for example: “Add All Songs” or “Add All Albums”). When you have finished making your selections, press “Done.” Your selections have been added to the TuneLink playlist.
The TuneLink Auto accessory LEDs will glow when TuneLink Auto is properly plugged in and receiving power.
Bluetooth can be used for more than just a hands-free headset. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have the ability to transmit high-quality stereo audio over a Bluetooth link. Not all Bluetooth devices are created equal though, TuneLink uses only the best A2DP codecs so your music sounds as if you were using a wire.
Yes. TuneLink Auto itself is not a hands-free solution for placing phone calls, but works perfectly with any Bluetooth headset or other hands-free device. When a call comes in, your music will pause, and the iPhone will automatically connect to the headset during the call. When the call is over, the iPhone will resume music playback through TuneLink Auto. By using TuneLink Auto to connect to your car stereo, the headphone jack on your iPhone is available for use with a wired headset. TuneLink Auto works seamlessly with a wired headset or Bluetooth headset so you can stay focused on the road and talk hands-free.
Yes. You can update the way TuneLink shows up in the Bluetooth menu. Using the TuneLink App, navigate to the settings menu and tape the “Name” bar. Change “TuneLink” to whatever you’d like. The next time you pair to TuneLink, it will show the new name instead. (note: this may require telling the iPhone to “Forget this Device” before the name is updated in the Bluetooth menu).
n about 40% of cars, connecting your device to a car charger results in a ground loop that causes engine whine and noise to be amplified through your car speakers. TuneLink Auto incorporates innovative “Humbuster” noise elimination technology that breaks this ground loop, ensuring that users will experience the highest quality audio possible. Your music is never diluted with engine electrical noise when charging your device.
Convenience AND quality. TuneLink Auto offers an option for auto-connect and auto-play that automatically reconnects TuneLink Auto to your iPhone and begins playing music where you left off. Also, the the heaphone output on the iPhone is tailored for just that: headphones. The Direct Connect output of TuneLink Auto is optimized for your car’s AUX in jack and can stay permanently connected, so no more scrambling for the other end of the cable before you can listen to your music… Just hop in the car and go, TuneLink Auto has your music handled. By using TuneLink Auto to connect to your car stereo, the headphone jack on your iPhone is available for use with a wired headset. TuneLink Auto works seamlessly with a wired headset or Bluetooth headset so you can stay focused on the road and talk hands-free.
TuneLink Auto uses best-in-class FM transmitter technology for crystal clear sound. The FREE TuneLink Auto App harnesses the GPS feature of the iPhone to automatically predict the clearest station, so re-tuning as you cruise along is just a touch of a button.
Connect TuneLink Auto hardware to the 12-volt accessory outlet in your car. Pair to TuneLink Auto using the iPhone Bluetooth setup menu. Download and launch the FREE TuneLink Auto app from the Apple iTunes store. At the bottom of the app screen, select the Speed tune icon to have Tune Link display the best available FM stations based on your current location. Select the FM tower icon to manually select an available FM station. When you have selected an open FM station within the Tune Link app, set your car radio to the corresponding station. You can add an FM station to your favorites for quick access at a later date by selecting the favorites icon on the FM Tuner screen. Press the music note icon to view your music controls and begin playing your music.
TuneLink Auto uses the GPS function of your iPhone to automatically determine the clearest radio stations in your area. By avoiding the major radio stations in your area, you can rest assured that TuneLink Auto will maintain a clear link to your FM radio so the music goes on and leaves the interference behind.