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1st to introduce the (app)cessories in Europe (2009)

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  • sinch1
  • sinch-4
  • sinch-kouvari
  • sinch-8
  • sinch-3
  • sinch2
  • sinch-black
  • sinch-magnitika pedia
  • sinch-alito
  • sinch-limeno


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Suggested Retail Price:14,90 €


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It's a remarkably simple design, and a surprisingly effective one, too that is designed to eliminate cord chaos.


Wrap and strap to your device.


Pull for quick release and easy use.


Remove wrap for handy storage.


Whatis its secret?
Sinch uses the magic of magnets to control your cords and make life a little easier.



  • Designed with careful attention to the smallest details.
  • Bend it, twist it and stretch it: Sinch is built to last.
  • Made in Canada



manufacturer information

    • Black
    • Part Number: 01-0016-01
    • UPC or EAN No.: 859892002018
  • White
    • Part Number: 01-0015-01
    • UPC or EAN No.: 859892002001



  • Two-year limited





All devices with earphones





Your Sinch may be obstructing your headphone plug. Make sure it's attached to the plastic housing ABOVE the metal plug.
No. Mobile devices today use flash drive for memory which magnets will not impact. What about MP3 players with a hard drive? The Sinch magnets will not impact these devices as well.
Yes. The Sinch works with almost all cases and covers of mobile devices.
Yes. The Sinch works with a slider phone or a two screen mobile device. However, the best wrap to use is a two finger or a hand wrap.
Yes. The Sinch works on "L" shaped headphone jacks.
No. You continue to wrap your cords the same way you always have.
No. You simply slide the wrapped cord towards the top of your screen and the screen is fully visible.
There are four different wraps we suggest: 1) Basic Wrap: A simple horizontal wrap for your device. 2) Two Finger Wrap: Use two fingers for a small Sinch bundle. 3) Hand Wrap: Use your hand for a larger Sinch bundle. 4) Vertical Wrap: For tablet devices, try a vertical wrap and position Sinch along the top of your device.
Yes. The amount of slack at the start of your wrap will control where your microphone and ear buds land. For wider devices try less slack and for narrow devices use more slack.
Besides storing your headphones around your mobile device, you can use a Two Finger Wrap or a Hand Wrap. This keep your bundled cord resting on the back of your mobile device, but still attached to it. You can also use the same wraps to store your bundled headset anywhere you like off your mobile device such as a gym bag, pocket or even a metal refrigerator.
Yes. To prevent dangling, simply position your folded Sinch along the bottom edge of your device.
This is normal as most mobile devices are not made of a magnetic material. To reduce floppiness, simply snap Sinch closed or position your folded Sinch across the top edge of your device.
No. Your Sinch should not impact your credit cards unless you rub the Sinch magnets across both sides of your credit card’s magnetic strip.