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Suggested Retail Price:69,90 €


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The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 5S, 5 or 4S, 4 that enables you to create 360° panoramic videos. Just snap the lens to your iPhone and tap record to make cool interactive 360° videos instantly.


How it works
GoPano micro uses a specially curved mirror which gathers light from all directions and funnels it into the iPhone’s camera. The free GoPano app then transforms this image into a live interactive scene where you can control the view!


Create. Share. Experience. 360°.
On your computer, drag your mouse or use your keyboard in the video to change your view of the action in 360°. On your iPhone with the free GoPano app, swipe across the view to pan, or spin the iPhone around you. It's a unique video experience that's almost as good as being there!


Tell the world!
Never miss a minute of the action! Use the GoPano micro to record 360° videos at your next concert, make your own video street views, or shoot your favorite sporting event in 360°.




  • Ultra-wide field of view (360° horizontally and 82° vertically).
  • Resolution: 1920 x 456 for iPhone 5S, 5, 4S; 1280 x 304 for iPhone 4.
  • Records complete 360° videos. (not photos).
  • Dimensions: 47mm diameter/82 mm height / 28 grams(lens) & 28 grams (iPhone case)


manufacturer information

  • Part Number: GPiP5
  • UPC or EAN No.: 853117003132



  • Two-year limited





iPhone Models









Contact the GoPano support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +1 412-922-6002 for assistance. These service situations would include:
  • Shipping damage
  • Physical damage to the product
  • Defective product due to manufacturing issues
Please email photos of the product (or shipping materials) if the problem you are having if applicable. All service situations will be examined on a case by case basis by the GoPano support team.
EyeSee360 has discovered that there are counterfeit versions of the GoPano micro being produced and sold on the market as a genuine GoPano micro. What is the major difference between a genuine unit and a counterfeit? EyeSee360 takes great pride in the products that we use the "GoPano" brand on and as such we take a number of different steps to ensure that our users are getting a high quality product. With any single shot 360° lens, the mirror(s) is the most critical element for a quality picture. We have a quality control process during our manufacturing process that checks every mirror that we ship. The counterfeit units we have tested have mirrors that are subpar and as such the picture quality suffers greatly. Typically, this can be seen as distortions in the picture, an uneven look to picture and major marks and scratches to the picture.

The GoPano Micro is designed specifically for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone5s because of camera capabilities of within those devices. It will not function correctly with any other model of the iPhone. The GoPano app requires a minimum of iOS 4.1. It is suggested that iOS 5.0 or greater is used with the app. The GoPano app will allow video playback on other iOS devices such as iPod touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS.

Care: We suggest that you keep your optic in the carrying satchel when not in use. Try and keep the lens away from environments or situations where the GoPano micro lens can be exposed to small abrasive particles (such as dirt, sand, etc.).

Cleaning: If you notice that your optic gets dusty or or foreign material on it, we suggest using compressed air to gently blow the foreign material off of the surfaces. If a liquid cleaner is required for the lens, use only distilled water or isopropyl alcohol. In an effort to keep your optic in the best possible condition, please DO NOT:

  • Touch or scratch the mirror

  • Do not use solvents, liquid cleaners or soap to clean the mirror

  • Do not blow dry or place unit in a microwave or oven

The GoPano micro does not have the ability to take still images. We designed the product for 360° video capture and there is not still imagery function built into the app.