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Suggested Retail Price:89,90 €


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The New Potato Classic Match Foosball Table brings the excitement and real physical action of the game to your iPad.


Foosball action
Now you can work your pull, snake, bank, bread and butter shots, fake out your opponent, and snap the ball into the goal with a resounding "THUNK". This all happens on New Potato's table-top Foosball dock for your iPad. Just like real tournament tables, Classic Match Foosball brings the complete foosball experience to your iPad.


Full-featured table
Complete with eight functional two-axis control bars and real scoring markers at each end, this app-enabled accessory immerses you in game play as heated as a tournament-grade table. This table allows the most expert players to show off their well-oiled foosball skills. Gameplay features all the elements you can think of in a complete simulation, but unlike simple "software-only" foosball emulation apps, the Foosball Table brings advanced peripheral-to-game dynamics for an incredible experience.


Instant replay of goals
Each goal is replayed. The video perspective changes from the top view to the player's point of view on the field. On the screen, you follow the flight of the ball off the player's foot and into the goal—so you can relive and celebrate every goal as many times as you want, or as many as your opponent can stand.


Customize your team
Design your team colors by selecting your favorite jersey colors.


Play solo
If you find yourself in need of a game, but your friends aren't available, no problem—you can test your skills against the app. Good luck, he's a world-class player.



  • Tournament foosball rules and other challenging games.
  • Classic foosball play fields and alternative foosmen and layouts
  • Gameplay features 1-man and 3-man goalie options
  • Working 2 axis control bars with tactile elastomer handles
  • Celebrate every goal with real scoring markers at each end
  • Unparalleled play and feel for iPad, using the power of iOS and 3D accelerated graphics
  • One, two, three, or four person play
  • 3D instant replay and recap the action

  • Dazzlingly real foosball experience!
  • Classic foosball play fields and layouts.
  • Realistic game and crowd sounds.
  • Tournament Foosball rules. Multiple layouts and play fields.
  • 3D instant replay of scoring plays.
  • Customize your table and team colors and sponsors.
  • Unparalleled play and feel for iPad.

  • Realistic foosball game table for your iPad2
  • 3D instant replay and recap the action.
  • Realistic game table with removable legs for easy transport and storage
  • Rugged construction and durability for zealous play
  • AAA batteries included.




  • Height: 3.25 in./8.25 cm
  • Width: 7 in./17.78 cm
  • Weight: 2.8 lb./1.27 kg
  • Length: 12 in./30.48 cm


manufacturer information

  • Part Number: 1301-01008
  • UPC or EAN No.: 815166010233
  • G&C code: IT.000083



  • Two-year limited




system requirements

  • Version 5.0 or later




  iPad (3rd generation) 

 iPad (4th generation) 

 iPad Air 





Classic Match Foosball for iPad is a new accessory gaming device from New Potato. Download the FREE application from the iTunes App Store, and you are ready to play the Classic Match Foosball game. The accessory is a working foosball gametable that pairs working eight functional 2-axis control bars with tactile elastomer handles while transforming your iPad into a foosball table.

Definitely, to accomplish this simply turn on your music, then go to the settings button located on the bottom of the home screen and turn the background sound effects down or off. You can choose to leave the sound effects on if the background sound effects are desired or do not bother you.

Ultimately, this will depend on your case. Some slim cases may work, but others may need to be removed before you place your iPad into the foosball accessory gamming device.

Download Classic Match Foosball TM for iPad from the iTunes App Store. The application can be run without the dock, so you may see how it works, but you will need the foosball table accessory for the complete experience.

A simple reboot of your iPad may resolve many difficulties connecting the accessory to your iPad.