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Suggested Retail Price:19,90 €


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Bezl is a new kind of iphone 5 / 5S case. Instead of covering your entire iPhone, Bezl works by covering just the corners with shock proof bumpers that work like a iPhone 5 / 5s protector without obscuring the iPhone's sleek design. These minimal protectors are a stylish new way to keep your iPhone safe from slips and falls. The four Bezls attach to your phone using an adhesive lab-tested technology to hold them securely in place. Of course you can remove them without any traces once you are ready for a new color.


The special shock-absorbent technology used in each Bezl corner gives your phone maximum protection from high impacts. This case keeps the reception of your phone 100% stock -- no metal parts to mess it up.


Enhances grip
Bezl makes it easier to hold onto your phone. Don't let your phone slide out of your hands to begin with!


The special shock-absorbent technology implemented in each Bezl corner gives your phone maximum protection from high impacts. This case keeps the reception of your phone 100% -- no metal included. It acts like a screenprotector: install it and forget about it. Bezl is a semi-permanent installation - once taken off, you cannot re-install it. Bezl Design offers protection like the best iPhone 5 and 5s cases but with much less material. This high quality light weight iPhone 5 protector focuses on the corners and doesn't cover up your phone like so many iPhone 5s Cases.


Stand your phone upright
use it as an alarm clock have a stable video conference use it as a picture frame take self-timed photos.



  • Protect your Phone
  • Preserve the pristine designh of your phone
  • Stand your phone upright for video and self-timed photos
  • Works with screen potectors and lighiting adapter
  • Durable hard plastic available in many Colors




  • Height: 20 cm.
  • Width: 11 cm.
  • Weight: 0,05 kg.


manufacturer information

  • Black
    • Part Number: BEZLblack1-1
    • UPC or EAN No.: 757901841002
  • White
    • Part Number: BEZLwhite1-2
    • UPC or EAN No.: 757901840968
  • Orange
    • Part Number: BEZLorange1-6
    • UPC or EAN No.: 757901840999
  • Green
    • Part Number: BEZLgreen1-4
    • UPC or EAN No.: 757901840982
  • Blue
    • Part Number: BEZLblue1-5
    • UPC or EAN No.: 757901840975
  • Fuchsia
    • Part Number: BEZLfuchsia1-3
    • UPC or EAN No.: 757901840951



  • Two-year limited




Apple devices







Bezl is meant to be permanent to your phone, but you can remove it. To uninstall: Pull on the Bezl pieces and rub off the reside of the special adhesive with your thumb. You cannot re-apply Bezl after you have taken it off.
No! If you don't pull on it with extreme force, it will not come off during daily use. Bezl was tested for 12 months through daily use. If you ever encounter issues, we give you a new Bezl - that is covered under your lifetime warranty.
You will receive 4 corner pieces with pull-tab adhesive packaged in nice retail packaging. A multilingual installation guide explains how to easily install your Bezl in seconds.
Currently we offer a collection two stealth colors: black and white and four bright colors: green, orange, fuchsia and blue. Drop us a line and tell us what color you think we should add next!
Yes! Bezl works with a standard plastic screen protector though the screen protector needs to be applied before the Bezl. Bezl does not work with thicker glass screen protector. Give us a shout via the contact tab if you are in doubt.
Most likely. Bezl works with most docks that can hold the iPhone 5. Bezl also works with the lightning adapter. There are some cases and applications that Bezl does not support. Some external backup battery pack cases do not fit with Bezl.
Don't worry: try gently to get Bezl off the phone and install it the right way. If this does not work out, send us a message and we will ship you a new one.
We stand behind our product and will replace any Bezl that has a manufacturing defect or comes off your phone accidentally.
YES! The iPhone 5 and 5s have the same dimensions, so no worries. Order a Bezl for your new iPhone 5s today, and protect your investment.
Unfortunately the answer is no. The 5 and the 4 are very different dimensions, so Bezl for iPhone 5/5s is specific to that phone.
At the moment we do not have plans to bring out a Bezl for iPhone 4/4s, but we are receiving quite a few requests. Stay tuned...
It is possible that over time and depending on your use of your phone (how often you drop your phone, use in sandy environment, etc.) some permanent marring to your iPhone can occur. If you are concerned with this we recommend using a screen protector.